Ongoing Process Group: Open to New Members

Ready to Make a Change

Process Group
This group provides individuals opportunities to explore and improve interpersonal skills while increasing self-awareness.

Why try group therapy?
In group therapy self-exploration is encouraged and enhanced by peer interaction, support, and therapeutic interventions. Over time, the group itself becomes the catalyst for change and healing. This group is for those who want a supportive, dynamic space to practice communication, receive feedback, and make longed for changes to patterns in their life that no longer work.

This ongoing mixed gender group offers the chance to explore and heal personal concerns, as well as to practice interacting with others in an authentic way.

Who may benefit? People experiencing issues such as:
Stress | Life Transition | Self-Esteem | Relationship Issues Depression | Anxiety

This group will meet on Friday at 6:00 pm in the Crown Building. An initial commitment to eight sessions is required. It is an open and ongoing group. For more information please

call 503-970-9042.